NodeUp 53: NodeUp Listeners On NodeUp

About a month ago, I joined D-Shaw, Nizar Khalife, Erik Isaksen, and Matt Creager on NodeUp 53 where we discussed about NodeUp podcast and node.js community from NodeUp listeners point of view, and I also talked a bit about Australia, kangaroos, and node. Thanks to Rodd Vagg for pinging me about this particular episode.

Recording the show itself was an interesting experience :). For one, it started at 4am Melbourne EST. I totally missed the two alarms I set up, and was finally awaken by my mobile’s push notification alert from dshaw’s tweet telling me to accept the Skype invitation about two minutes before 4. Ran down the stairs, head spun a bit for the first hour lol.

Here’s the transcription of NodeUp 53 thanks to Noah Collins. I made a mistake where I thought I said that Flickr Photo migrated to node.js as davglass tweeted, but I actually said Facebook Photo on the show. It should be Flickr Photo. My bad, I’m sorry folks.

Update (15/03/2015):

I didn’t realise that I hadn’t published this update back then. The credits for anything related to node.js community in Melbourne should go to the great folks like Andrey Sidorov who has been organising the local node.js meetups, I am just a mere Melburnian node.js enthusiast.

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