An Old Dryer, A Watts Clever, and A Ninja Blocks

This was another quick weekend hack to fix my old dryer’s busted timer problem (busted timer = having to stay around when it’s time to switch off the dryer).

Step one was to use Watts Clever Easy-off Remote Control Socket which allowed me to switch the power on and off remotely. This product comes with a remote control which saved me from having to get out of the house to get to the garage during winter. But that’s not all…

Step two was to program the socket on a Ninja Blocks, which gave remote control ability via the web. This allowed me to turn off the dryer all the way from my office.

Step three was to write a node.js script that talks to Ninja Blocks which in turn switches the power socket on and off. This script was then executed from a scheduled Jenkins job.

Voila, the old dryer had a new timer, albeit a long-winded one :p.

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