G’day, my name is Cliffano Subagio (@cliffano, blah@cliffano.com), I’m a software engineer from Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve delivered some tech talks and joined some tech podcast discussions in the past. In my (extremely lack of) spare time, I maintain several open source projects and contribute to other projects, big and small.

I’m an ocassional traveler. My travel photos are published under Creative Commons license, and some have been used by various popular media outlets. I’m also an avid reader, I like architectures, Shadowrun, robots, Japan, and basketball.

I once hacked my Roomba vacuum cleaner to play Super Mario theme and some other songs. My house has a Twitter account (@gennoubot).

Update (23/08/2016): I’ve been rather busy building an important form of intelligence since early 2016…

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