Childhood Drawings - T'Challa And Scorpion

I found some of my old hand drawings when I visited my parents’ house in Jakarta earlier this year. I used to draw a lot when I was still in elementary and junior high school, nothing awesome, but I guess it wasn’t too bad for someone at that age.

Back then I was really into soccer and basketball, and for a reason I can no longer remember, I often incorporated elements of a soccer ball or a basketball in my drawings.

Here’s two of them:

T’Challa from Marvel Comics, obviously holding a basketball with adjusted ribs forming the shape of claws.

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Notice the basketball ribs at the background of the Mortal Kombat dragon logo?

There’s one mystery, I’m not sure what the significance of the numbers, 91 and 4, on those characters was. I’m guessing 91 was Dennis Rodman’s jersey number when he was playing for the Chicago Bulls and 4 was Takenori Akagi’s at Shohoku High School.

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