XMas Lego Mindstorms

Last week we had an early XMas celebration over at Shine Technologies office, geekin’ it with some Lego Mindstorms.

We had to wire up some logic blocks for the Lego robot to use in a simple maze. The goal was to traverse a path within the maze, the challenge was to pass some obstacles like opening a gate, executing several turns, and opening a door handle.

Our robot, all kudos to @manishchhabra27 for revving it up.

The simple maze. This robot was using its light sensor to detect the black line.

We took a different approach by using the ultrasonic sensor to detect the wall, the reasoning behind it was that traversing the black line was by far a slower process (albeit safer). But we had one problem with our approach, our robot had bad tires that made it drift to the right and then hit the wall anyway. It’s a hardware problem!

Another team’s robot. Fetch the beer, my precious.

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