Home Studio v0.1

Some pictures of the initial version of my ‘home studio’. :)

I have always wanted a home studio where I can work on my own projects and create stuffs: codes, digital graphics, hand drawings, circuit boards. I guess I’ll start with the codes and digital graphics bits for now. This ‘studio’ is basically a third of my apartment’s bedroom (still renting). An old study desk, an old $25 chair. I’ll get proper furnitures, think ergonomic chair, when I have my own house, god knows when that will happen with the current global economic downturn.

My laptop is an Asus F3SV running Ubuntu 8.10 . I used it as my main workstation for coding, IMing, web browsing, video editing. And just like any other geek, I have a naming convention for all gadgets within my home network, the laptop is hinata.

Cables, cables, and cables. Someday everything has got to be wireless.

Three old boxes which I assembled between 1999 - 2005. The one on the left is sasori, a Windows XP box that I use primarily for Windows-specific testing (Internet Explorer, FF on Windows), a little bit of gaming, and Photoshop. The one on the right (furthest in the picture) is gennou, running Ubuntu 7.10, this is where I host a local Hudson instance for my project builds and also to run weekly backups. The one in the middle is nameless at the moment, its power supply unit overheated and exploded in 2002, I haven’t had the time to rebuild it. On the top is anko, a wireless printer which also serves as a scanner and photocopy machine.

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