Hudson Code Swarm

I found a very interesting project called code_swarm, which is (as quoted from its web site) ‘an experiment in organic software visualization’. code_swarm analyses the commit activities within the project’s source repository, and generates a visual representation of those activities. Each resource commit is represented as a particle floating around the commiter’s username.

So I thought it would be interesting to see how Hudson has evolved as a project, check out the embedded video below… . The particles are color coded. Red-shaded particles for Java, Jar, JSP, Jelly. Yellow-shaded particles for XML, properties files. Green-shaded particles for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images. Blue-shaded particles for various scripting languages.

Hudson Code Swarm from Cliffano Subagio on Vimeo.

If you have some bandwidth to burn, you should visit the video’s page at, have a look at the bottom right of the page, and download the original video (344.31Mb at 1024x768 resolution). The particles look beautiful in great detail.

I used Hudson SVN log from r1 on 27 Oct 2004 to r14861 on 29 Jan 2009 as the activity data and fed it to code_swarm. You could see from the video that Kohsuke worked on his own until jglick started contributing at r533 on 1 Aug 2006.

There were 60+ contributors when I made my first commit at r10133 on 16 Jun 2008, and now the project has 100+ contributors. Hudson has definitely been gaining momentum in the past year or two on both the developers and users fronts. It would be interesting to see how the project will turn out in the next couple of years. Another Hudson Code Swarm video by Jan 2011?

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