Multiple Feeds Monitoring

Patrick Struhs left a comment on Hudson Build Monitor page, suggesting “A nice feature would be to be able to monitor more than one server easily,” and that’s what I’ve been working on sporadically this week. I started with the statusbar panel, the goal is to keep the UI minimal but still provide enough information. I’ve also got the multiple feeds processing pretty much done.

This is how the statusbar panel looks like in 0.8-SNAPSHOT. I used Tango Icon Library to keep it consistent with Hudson. The above screenshot shows the status of six feeds, the first one is a Netbeans feed with a warning, the second and fourth ones show an error icon indicating a problem with the urls, the third one is a JBoss feed - currently downloading, the fifth one shows the no-build icon, and the last one shows that the feed is currently queued waiting to start the download.

Next up… preferences and right-click menu revamp.

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