On Nintendo DS

This is my first attempt at using Opera on my Nintendo DS, recorded using Panasonic Lumix. The video was edited using Kino with sound effects from The Freesound Project. For the record, I did my best Indonesian accent, notice the ‘rrr’, the ‘sss’, and the ’d’ replacing the ‘th’.

I had a go at browsing to see how it looks like on a handheld device. I think the site is still quite usable, the default CSS works fine. Business Finder HTML chunk need to be moved further down so verticals content is served first. Spoiler: starting from 5:00, I was trying to figure out how to click a link using the stylus and it took too long after 2.5 minutes, so I stopped the video. If you got bored, fast forward to the end where I gave myself an applause. Spoiler 2: at around 2:40, my brother made a voice cameo appearance by asking for the bus timetable.

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