Emptiness Theme v0.1

Introducing Emptiness Theme v0.1 .

Since I started using WordPress few months ago, I’ve tried various minimalist themes available from WordPress Theme Viewer, but none of them really suits me. So, just like any designer-wannabe, I rolled out my own minimalist theme. It’s available for download, though I’m still trying to register it on WordPress Theme Viewer. I don’t know what’s wrong with Theme Viewer, they must be really busy with backlogs of registrations to process, or they’re totally ignoring the current Theme Viewer and currently building a better system.

Creating a WordPress theme was actually quite pleasant. PHP might not be the most elegant thing out there, but it does the job. I must give a standing ovation to WordPress Codex, it is one of the bests if not the best open source documentation.

There are some of my Blojsom themes that never saw the light of day, I’ll port them to WordPress later. Have theme? Will port!

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