Did You Make Wish #7208?

I received an email from a Wish visitor asking me “What if we could help make the wish come true? how do we contact the person?” Turned out it was related to wish #7208 “i wish adam would send me a painting.” It also turned out that the email sender was a painter (I googled her name).

I explained to her that the wishes were made anonymously and I couldn’t trace the wishers. The best I can do is to blog about it and hope that the wisher returns to the site and reads about this.

It’s a long shot, but worth trying. After all, anything can happen on the Internet.

If you are the person who made wish #7208. We would like to know if Adam sent you the painting. And if you’re interested to get a painting, please send an email to wish@cliffano.com and let us know who Adam is and what the painting is about. I will keep your and the artist’s anonimity, unless you prefer otherwise.

I understand that the kind gesture made by the artist can be abused by anyone, hence I’ll leave the decision to her to determine the genuineness of the wish-claimant.

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