Adobe Immerse '18

Back in June 2018 (I should really really really work on my blogging), I presented a talk at Adobe Immerse ‘18 titled Beyond AEM Curl Commands. This is basically the culmination of my effort in tackling the widespread (mis)use of cURL commands for provisioning Adobe Experience Manager environments, and the lack of official AEM web API.

This event was promoted as “The global virtual conference for enterprise developers on Adobe solutions & platform,” and it was my first time giving a talk at a virtual conference. Learnt some lessons with managing event preparation on different timezones (would somebody please think about Australia? :p), and to also get a clear voice recording (my session producer blamed the Internet from down under, but I blamed the mic).

This is how my desk looked like when I was doing the talk:

And this is how the virtual conference screen looked like on Adobe Connect:

As for the slides:

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