AWS Serverless Chatbot Hackathon

Last month me and two buddies from work, Michael Diender and Stephen Shim, participated in AWS Serverless Chatbot Hackathon hosted by Devpost. This hackathon was announced by Jeff Barr on AWS Blog on August 10th this year.

Even though they allowed about 1.5 months submission period, our team only spent 8 hours for each person in order to build two entries due to our busy schedules: Chaos Slackbot and SiteChecker Slackbot.

The first one, Chaos Slackbot, is a serverless Slack bot for randomly terminating EC2 instance from Auto Scaling Groups whitelist. The idea is similar to Chaos Monkey, but the difference is that the randomness is determined by the messages that people sent to a Slack channel. The bot won’t know in advance what people will say and when they will say those particular messages.

Here’s a demo video featuring Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, this setup used negative sentiment to weigh the messages on the Slack channel:

And the obligatory architecture diagram:

The second one, SiteChecker Slackbot, is a serverless Slack bot for checking website availability from multiple locations on the planet. It currently supports only 8 locations, all AWS regions where Lambda is currently available. However, it’s really easy to add more regions in the future, and it’s also easy to add more checks in the future other than site availability.

Here’s a demo video:

And the architecture diagram:

Both bots were built with Serverless framework. I’m totally looking forward to this serverless future that everyone is predicting.

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