Apple Facts 95 - PowerBook, MessagePad

Look what I found at my dad’s home office in Jakarta?

Apple Facts 8.95 - a concise guide to Apple products offered worldwide.

I didn’t know Apple used to have gazillion of products. Apple printers?

Why Macintosh? I started using an Apple MacBook Pro about 2 years ago, and after 6 months I was convinced that it was by far the most productive environment I had ever used. It’s cool to know that it was also the case back in the 90s.

Macintosh PowerBook Duo 2300c/100, Apple’s smallest and lightest PowerBook at less than 5 pounds.

In all its 100 megahertz and 56 MB glory.

Meet Apple MessagePad 120, the ancestor of iPad. No matter where you happen to be.

Pardon my lack of Apple-Fu, I sure didn’t know that ARM architecture was there in Apple products in the 90s.

Printed on recycled paper, of course.

I also spotted the original packaging of the Macintosh that my dad used for his design works back then, but I forgot to take a picture. major facepalm

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