Node.js Discussion On Teman Macet Podcast

Last May, I recorded a discussion in Indonesian language on Teman Macet podcast with the show’s host, Ronald Widha, and another guest who was a fellow NodeJS user,  Julius Sirait. The discussion itself was more on NodeJS introduction and sharing what we had learnt thus far. The episode, #51 nodeJS bersama Julius Sirait dan Cliffano Subagio, was available for streaming/download in July.

NodeJS is one piece of technology that I’m very excited about. For web application development, I think Node, along with its web stack, is a nice middle ground between Ruby/Rails magical ‘simplicity’ and Java/JEE layers of complexity. For network-related stuffs, (I’m quoting Sami Samhuri here) NodeJS is a swiss army knife. Oh, and have I mentioned that NodeJS is fast? like seriously da*n fast? (thanks to V8).

As a side note, Indonesia is currently undergoing a strong growth in mobile Internet penetration, and with 200+ million people in the market, the progress is very exciting to watch. Teman Macet is one of the best podcast shows, technical or not, in Indonesian language. I personally find it immensely useful at providing information about Indonesian start ups and technology practitioners.

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