Home Studio v0.2

I finally moved to my own place! Go me! :). It’s kind of hard to say ‘my own place’ since a 30-year home loan is somewhat like renting your soul to the devil. So anyway, after an intense month of dealing with the solicitor, the broker, the real estate agent, and the bank, I finally moved in last February. The place is a small townhouse at Clayton, a suburb about 18km away from Melbourne CBD. There are still tons of things to do, but it’s slowly shaping up.

Some of my favourite titles. If you’d like to help me with my reading collection :), here’s my wishlist.

The utility corner. An all-in-one-printer-scanner-photocopier (my best purchase ever), an Asus Eee Box (low power consumption FTW!) running a local Hudson instance and acting as a test environment.

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