The Altered Past

What if Eminem, 2Pac, and Jay-Z visited Tibet in 1938? Spitted rhymes with the monks, while The Dalai Lama moved his body to the beat?

The above picture was my first go at the idea of an altered past, partly inspired by the amazing work of Agan Harahap. The quality of my work is nowhere near Agan’s. I’m still learning, still particularly weak with shadowing and scaling.

I’ve always been interested with the idea of characters from different time and space visiting the past (our past). I often think what if so and so was at a certain place certain years ago, what would have been different?

So I took the best hip hop artists of our time and put them in 1938 Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, along with a story of what happened that day when the picture was taken.

No, the picture wasn’t photoshopped, it was Pixelmator-ed.

Background photo by Ernst Schäfer, Wikimedia Commons.

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