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About a month ago I received an email from Andja Maric who was a global ambassador for . Andja came across Wish while googling for wishes, she explained that wannabesociety shared a similar idea of sharing your wish with the world (t-shirts in their case, binaries in my case).

Andja then mentioned that she liked the concept of Wish and kindly offered to send a gift as a token of appreciation. So the gift finally arrived in my mailbox yesterday…

The packet. First time ever receiving a delivery from Slovenia.

The content. They sent 3 sets of these (a notebook, stickers, a mini brochure, and some kind of a wrist band). I picked ‘creative’, SS picked ‘believer’, so the last one ‘better’ will be sent to JC. SS and JC have been helping with site testing and content moderation, and they prefer to remain anonymous.

Thanks very much, Andja, and I appreciate the kind gesture, and I dig wannabesociety’s concept of no design.

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