Shelfari Bug Report

I like Shelfari. I like it a lot that I even bother creating a bug report video.

In this video, I edited my profile, set my location to VIC, and saved it. Shelfari then displayed the correct location (VIC), but then I switched the screen to another page, and returned to the location details. This time Shelfari displayed just VI. I repeated it again with a different page and the same problem occured.

Please pardon the low video quality, I used Windows Media Encoder and Any Video Converter.

About a month ago, I contacted Shelfari and told them about a bug on their edit location functionality. I received a reply from their community manager and was asked whether I still had the same problem and that she couldn’t reproduce the error. I replied the email, confirming about the problem and provided a list of step by step instructions. I didn’t hear back from Shelfari since then.

Fast forward to the present, the bug is still here. I understand that this kind of bug might not be as important as other things on their priority list (like OpenSocial). But I guess as a huge fan of Shelfari, it’s the least I can do to help. On the other hand, if they open up a public API :)… imagine the possibilities.

Update (17/06/2008): Shelfari launched a new version today, nice look and feel touch up, plus lots of other updates. The edit location bug is still there though, should I create another video report with the new version?

Update (18/06/2008): Someone from Shelfari notified me via email that the bug is logged but didn’t make it to the release. I’m glad that they contacted me, thanks!

Update (18/01/2009): As much as I like Shelfari, I’ve decided to stop using it to manage my readings list because I want to cut down the number of online accounts scattered over various web sites. So I ended up using a Facebook app called Visual Bookshelf from LivingSocial. I had a look at Shelfari’s Facebook app, but they had a lot of complaints about the app not working at all, it’s just weird to abandon a Facebook app and losing potential users like that. But then again, the bug on the above video hasn’t been fixed either. Shelfari’s bookshelf UI is the best compared to other similar services, but it’s more important for it to work rather than to look good.

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