Der Wunsch: Offline... Leider

While working on a mini improvement request for Wish (more on that later), I found out that Der Wunsch is now ‘almost’ offline. Here’s the Babel Fish translation of the message on Der Wunsch home page:

Off-line... Unfortunately The web page is unfortunately for indefinite time off-line, since I must worry about other projects.

That’s about a year and a half since Der Wunsch came to life. Thanks for the effort, Claus.

Now, back to the mini improvement. I’ve received several feedbacks and was finally able to complete the first request from Machi.

i really like this website. i think it would be better if u could search the wishes by number, rather then just keywords. just a thought

I’ve made the change to reflect this request. So now when someone searches for a number, the wish with an ID of that number will be presented first before any other wishes with the number as part of their description text.

Other improvements from the rest of the feedbacks, comin’ right up!

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