SCodePlugin v0.5

SCodePlugin v0.5 has been released, expect the jar and source downloads to be available from SourceForge mirrors in the next few days. As usual, if you want it earlier, just email me and I’ll send it to you.


  • Introduced KaptchaImageEngine using Kaptcha (was Simple Captcha) library, with 3 new flavours from KinkImageEngine, FishEyeImageEngine, and ShadowImageEngine.

  • Replaced image engine class loading in image factory with constructor injection. SCodePlugin passes the image factory to SCodeServlet, instead of passing the image engines.

  • Set ImageIO caching off during SCodeServlet initialisation. This improves performance and prevents any temporary disk-based image creation.

Upgrade instruction:

  • In WEB-INF/lib directory, replace scodeplugin-0.4.jar with scodeplugin-0.5.jar, and add kaptcha-1.1.jar .

  • On /WEB-INF/classes/blojsom-plugins.xml file, replace the scode bean declaration you have for SCodePlugin v0.4: with this for SCodePlugin v0.5:

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