Plugins Update For Blojsom 3

Update: all plugins are now available for download from Source Forge.

I’ve finished updating most of my plugins to work with Blojsom 3, they’re currently in testing on both this blog and Melbourne Photoblog.

If you want to try the SNAPSHOT versions on your Blojsom 3 installation, you can download them temporarily from my server (I’ll add the released versions to SourceForge later on): blogtimesplugin-0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar, galleryrplugin-0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar, gravatarplugin-0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar, param2ctxplugin-0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar, scodeplugin-0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar, trackbackkeywordplugin-0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar.

I’ve also updated the wiki pages for Blojsom 3 plugins: BlogTimes Plugin, Galleryr Plugin, Gravatar Plugin, Param2Ctx Plugin, SCode Plugin, TrackbackKeyword Plugin. The source code is available at Google Code SVN, use Maven 2 to build the packages.

Overall, there isn’t much impact to my plugins with the change of Blojsom plugin API in version 3 compared to Blojsom 2 apart from method signature changes and some new events. Most of my effort was spent on adding unit tests which paid off when I started testing the plugins on a real Blojsom 3.0 installation and needed to 1) modify the configurations implementation, 2) add event broadcaster, and 3) change the event handling.

There were several minor improvements, code cleanup, and library dependencies upgrade (Flickrj for Galleryr Plugin and JCaptcha for SCode Plugin), but with only few hours per week spent on these plugins, I had to leave many of them out for later (most notably, I want to add more image engines and introduce audio engine capability to SCode Plugin).

Next on the list would be IpToCountry Plugin. This time we have database storage in Blojsom 3, whereas IpToCountry Plugin for Blojsom 2 was a memory hog where data is stored in a flat file and country search is done in-memory.

Pager Plugin is almost certainly discontinued with the existence of Skip Filter Helper Plugin in Blojsom 3.1, though I can still see the use of pager.vm file integrated with the data from Skip Filter Helper Plugin to generate the page navigation, maybe this can be done via a macro.

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