Blojsom, The Company?

Update: please welcome Red Cog. It’s about time :).

Note: the following is just a speculation. My predictions for World Cup 2006 were all wrong, so…

David posted a picture of a business card with a large Blojsom logo. This is a follow up to his earlier post on name title with his usual ‘cryptic’ style. Tracing way back, it got to be related to Blojsom as a registered trademark, following yet another cryptic hint.

I’m guessing that he’s setting up Blojsom, the company. And I predict that it is going to provide paid customer support for Blojsom. Which is good for the project/product!

Last year I had a chance to suggest Blojsom for use as an internal blogging service for a large company with a couple of thousand employees. After considering the options (other than Blojsom, obviously they considered something like MovableType), they immediately ruled out Blojsom. Why? Because there’s no paid customer support!

Lesson learnt. Companies love the warm fuzzy feeling provided by customer support.

This whole Blojsom company thing is just my wild guess, I could be way off. Maybe it’s going to be Blojsom the detective agency, or Blojsom the bakery.

Ooo, the tlot phickens!

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