Social Bookmark Buttons For Blojsom

Update: this information is now available on Blojsom wiki’s Social Bookmark Buttons page.

You can add various social bookmark (BlinkList,, Digg, Fark, Furl, Newsvine, Reddit, Simpy, Spurl, Yahoo! MyWeb) buttons to your Blojsom blog like this:

Download the icons and unzip them under your Blojsom resources/[blog-id]/ directory. Copy paste the following code snippet to your blog entries template: #set($blinklist = ["BlinkList", "blinklist.gif", "$permalink&Title=$entry.getTitle()"]) #set($delicious = ["", "delicious.gif", "$permalink&title=$entry.getTitle()"]) #set($digg = ["digg", "digg.gif", "$permalink"]) #set($fark = ["Fark", "fark.gif", "$permalink&new_comment=$entry.getTitle()&new_link_other=&linktype=Misc"]) #set($furl = ["Furl", "furl.gif", "$entry.getTitle()&u=$permalink"]) #set($newsvine = ["Newsvine", "newsvine.gif", "$permalink&h=$entry.getTitle()"]) #set($reddit = ["reddit", "reddit.gif", "$permalink&title=$entry.getTitle()"]) #set($simpy = ["Simpy", "simpy.png", "$permalink&title=$entry.getTitle()"]) #set($spurl = ["Spurl", "spurl.gif", "$entry.getTitle()&url=$permalink"]) #set($yahoomyweb = ["Yahoo! MyWeb", "yahoomyweb.gif", "$entry.getTitle()&u=$permalink"]) #set($links = [$blinklist, $delicious, $digg, $fark, $furl, $newsvine, $reddit, $simpy, $spurl, $yahoomyweb])

#foreach ($link in $links) $link.get(0) #end
For a demo, check out Melbourne. Please do not hotlink the icons :).

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