When "JIRA" Replaced The Word "Issue"

Quotes from me and some former colleagues after a few years using JIRA:

How the hell did I start the day with 28 JIRAs, resolved 10, and finished with 35 on my list?
Get me a summary of the open JIRAs!
How many JIRAs do you have?
Ok, it's confirmed, please raise a JIRA.

Without noticing, we started refering issues as JIRAs. Just like saying “I’ll google it” when I want to say “I’ll use a search engine to find some info about it”. JIRA might be going through the same phase of greatness.

I’m not trying to jump on any praising bandwagon, but I still remember thinking “Finally someone has done it right. A proper issue tracker!” a few weeks after I started using JIRA for the first time. That was right after some months using Bugzilla and FogBugz.

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