Blojsom Plugins Documentation: Moved To Blojsom Wiki

David offered me to use Blojsom wiki, so I’ve (yet again) moved my Blojsom plugins documentation there. Check out the available plugins page.

Blojsom uses Confluence for its wiki. If you have used JIRA, you’ll know the sort of excellence that you would’ve expected from an Atlassian product.

The only gripe I had was with its embedded rich text editor which uses TinyMCE. I’m using Firefox 1.5 and this rich text editor kept on replacing “src” with “xsrc” on my code snippets. It’s a problem because users like to copy paste sample codes. At the end I just set Wiki Markup as my default edit view.

After a quick sleuthing around, I found out that some pages in Confluence documentation page suffer the same problem (1, 2), user also had a similar problem. However, I couldn’t find any related bug in Confluence issue tracker and TinyMCE bug tracker. Briefly looked at tiny_mce.js, I think the problem could be at TinyMCE.prototype.fixGeckoBaseHREFBug function.

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