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DataGen: Generate Large Test Data Files - Like A Boss

A couple of months ago I was doing some volume and performance testing against an application that was expecting a 500% data growth, which meant I had to generate lots and lots of dummy data to test whether the storage would hold up and whether the application itself would still perform well. I quickly came up with a script that loops through N times, generates dummy data, and creates an XML file.…

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Image Saving In Watir

So I got the chance to use Watir again on a short project at work. The last time I used it was about 1.5 years ago, and I was glad to find out that Watir is still a nice library to use. Watir simply works without much hassle. The only issue I had was with image saving. From Image class documentation (Watir 1.6), it wasn’t obvious that save can only be called when image element is directly contained within a browser element.…

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