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Node.js Presentations

I gave two Node.js-related talks within the past week. The first one was titled “From Java To Node.js”, at Shine Technologies’ developers meeting on August 5th, 2011. The second one was titled “JavaScript Everywhere From Nose To Tail”, at Melbourne JavaScript usergroup on August 10th, 2011, with Carl Husselbee from Sensis. Happy with the positive feedback from the audience of both talks, thanks folks, much appreciated! Update (08/09/2011): And here’s…

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Re Hudson SiteMonitor Plugin And JSLint Violations Support

Just a quick note about a post I made over at Shine Technologies blog re Hudson SiteMonitor Plugin and JSLint Violations support. My current employer, Shine Technologies, allowed me to spend a couple of days to contribute to an open source project, so naturally I chose Hudson and worked on things that are useful for the projects I’m involved with at work. SiteMonitor Plugin was a late follow up to this short thread on Hudson users mailing list about a year ago.…

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