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Watching TV Needs To Be A More Social Experience

Disclaimer: the title is just a disguise for feature request/suggestion to the fine folks at Apps Perhaps. But I do really think that watching TV should be more social over the web, and Apps Perhaps’ OzTV iPhone app hopefully has the opportunity to turn this into reality. Four hours ago I started watching the gran finale of Iron Chef series run on SBS, Hiroyuki Sakai vs Alain Passard (it was awesome!), and the first thing I did after the show finished an hour later was to search for “Iron Chef” on Twitter, I wanted to find out other people’s comments regarding the episode.…

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iPhone Equation

Here’s my review of the iPhone… I’m not an Apple fanboy, I started using an iPhone several months ago, I give credit where credit is due. Despite all the criticisms about Apple, they still make the best consumer products on earth, ‘nuff said. Update (04/12/2012): I found an old photo, from ~1997, of a Macintosh that my dad used for his work (which I borrowed for playing Sim Tower). I then moved to Australia in 1998 and never used any Apple product since then, until I bought a MacBook Pro in 2009, and I was reminded how Apple products were teh awesome [tm];.…

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