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GateKeeper Plugin v0.1 And IMNotification Plugin v0.1

GateKeeper Plugin v0.1 and IMNotification Plugin v0.1 have been released. I implemented GateKeeper Plugin for Blojsom following the earlier discussion on a simple anti-bot solution to fight comment spams. This blog has been using GateKeeper Plugin (with very simple challenges for now) and it has worked like a charm with 100% success rate, though I think that the success is actually contributed from the fact that the spammers have been focusing their effort on breaking more mainstream anti-spam solutions like CAPTCHAs.…

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Blojsom IM Notification Messages

Here’s a screenshot of Blojsom notification messages on Pandion. You’ll be notified for new entry, comment, trackback, and pingback. I’m currently working on XMPP Plugin for Blojsom, though nothing is stopping this from becoming IMNotification Plugin. I guess there are plenty of AIM and MSN users out there.…

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