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My Ninja Blocks Setup

Now that the fine folks at Ninja Blocks already started shipping their next generation IoT controller, the Ninja Sphere, I better write about my old school Ninja Blocks setup before it gets too late. First off is the Watts Clever socket that I used with Ninja rules to switch a table lamp on at 8.30pm and then switch it off at 10.30pm during weekdays. The second socket is used to switch my Tivoli radio on and off on the rare occasion when everyone is away travelling and the house is empty, you know, like Home Alone but minus the kid.…

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Voice-Controlled Lamp Using Ninja Blocks + MacBook

Here’s a video of my latest quick weekend hack, using voice to switch a lamp on and off: Ok, so it’s actually a combination of Watts Clever + Ninja Blocks + Node.js + Automator + Speakable Items. Speakable Items takes the voice commands via MacBook’s internal microphone, then calls the Automator applications, which then runs a Node.js script (which output gets spoken by Automator applications), which then tells Ninja Blocks to actuate Watts Clever power socket.…

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