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My Take On People's Takes On Google's QR Code Push

So Google made a big push for QR Code usage in the US by sending window decals containing QR Code links to their top 100,000 business listings (via Favorite Places). This effort was covered by TechCrunch (TC) and Mobile Marketing Watch (MMW) among many other tech blogs / news sites out there. For the most part of the articles, they were only a rehash of Google’s original blog post, while the rest contained some original opinions from the authors, and this, along with some short sighted comments, was the part that bugged me.…

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Sitebricks And SiteMesh On Google App Engine

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying various web framework stacks to be used with Google App Engine. The ones that I gave a go, and gave a pass for various reasons, were Stapler (the enchilada that powers Hudson), Spring, and RestEasy + htmleasy. The search continued and I came across Sitebricks, still in its alpha phase but it looks really promising. Simple and straightforward, nothing too magicky, and I got it working with GAE/J in no time.…

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Wish Appears On The First Page Of Google Search For The Word 'wish'

It was a nice surprise to find out that Wish web site appears on the first page (ranked 8th) of Google.com.au search result for the word ‘wish’. Yes, that’s right. ‘wish’, that’s it, just the 4-letter word. And it’s currently ranked 5th on google.com. Whoa! That’s a superb result considering that the site does not have the word ‘wish’ itself as part of the domain name (mbledug.com) or even a sub domain, and ‘wish’ only appears as a context path in the full URL http://mbledug.com/wish .…

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