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GateKeeper Plugin v0.1 And IMNotification Plugin v0.1

GateKeeper Plugin v0.1 and IMNotification Plugin v0.1 have been released. I implemented GateKeeper Plugin for Blojsom following the earlier discussion on a simple anti-bot solution to fight comment spams. This blog has been using GateKeeper Plugin (with very simple challenges for now) and it has worked like a charm with 100% success rate, though I think that the success is actually contributed from the fact that the spammers have been focusing their effort on breaking more mainstream anti-spam solutions like CAPTCHAs.…

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Myqanda, Possibly A Simple Anti-Bot Solution To Fight Coment Spams?

I just checked my server log between Dec 19, 2006 and today. SCode Plugin has successfully prevented 2140 comment spams, but there were 122 spams which slipped through the cracks. Those 122 provided correct answers from the CAPTCHA image. And judging from the timestamps, I’m pretty sure that those 122 were automated spam attacks using bots. However, considering that evil spammers would go as far as hiring freelancers to solve CAPTCHAs manually, there’s a chance that some people out there somewhere ‘unintentionally’ spammed my blog manually 122 times since Dec 2006.…

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