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Der Wunsch: Offline... Leider

While working on a mini improvement request for Wish (more on that later), I found out that Der Wunsch is now ‘almost’ offline. Here’s the Babel Fish translation of the message on Der Wunsch home page: Off-line... Unfortunately The web page is unfortunately for indefinite time off-line, since I must worry about other projects. That’s about a year and a half since Der Wunsch came to life. Thanks for the effort, Claus.…

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Der Wunsch

About a week ago, Claus Morell contacted me about his plan to implement a German version of Wish. Lo and behold, it’s now live at www.derwunsch.de. It also has an RSS feed. Good stuff, Claus! Language support has been an interesting issue with Wish. When the web site started receiving some submissions in Italian, Portuguesse, and some other languages I couldn’t recognize, I thought about having multiple language sections a la Wikipedia.…

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