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Private NPM Registry Replicator Document

For my future reference and to help others trying to set up a private NPM registry which sits behind a [corporate] proxy and requires authenticated CouchDB admin access, here’s the replicator document that I ended up using: { "_id": "registry", "source": "http://isaacs.iriscouch.com/registry/", "target": "registry", "user_ctx": { "name": "myadmin_username", "roles": ["_admin"] }, "continuous": true, "owner": "myadmin_username", "proxy": "http://proxy:8080" } For those who are not familiar with CouchDB, the above is a document that needs to be created in _replicator database, so that the replication rule from public NPM registry to your private NPM registry can be persisted and runs continuously.…

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Node.js Presentations

I gave two Node.js-related talks within the past week. The first one was titled “From Java To Node.js”, at Shine Technologies’ developers meeting on August 5th, 2011. The second one was titled “JavaScript Everywhere From Nose To Tail”, at Melbourne JavaScript usergroup on August 10th, 2011, with Carl Husselbee from Sensis. Happy with the positive feedback from the audience of both talks, thanks folks, much appreciated! Update (08/09/2011): And here’s…

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Couchtato Introduction

Last Thursday I put up a post at Shine Technologies blog titled Couchtato - A CouchDB Document Utility Tool Written In Node.js. It’s a short introduction to Couchtato, a little hobby project I worked on over several evenings and lunch breaks. Do check it out if you are a CouchDB and NodeJS user.…

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Running CouchDB-Lucene On Tomcat

As of the time of writing, CouchDB-Lucene (v0.6.0) distribution was bundled with Jetty WebServer and runnable from command line. But if you dive a little bit into the code, you’ll find that the run script basically executes com.github.rnewson.couchdb.lucene.Main, which in turn (1) reads the couchdb-lucene.ini config, (2) creates a Jetty Server, and (3) sets up com.github.rnewson.couchdb.lucene.LuceneServlet on the server. At work, we had to use Tomcat due to SOE reason, so I spent a bit of time trying to get CouchDB-Lucene running on Tomcat and get it deployed as a .war file.…

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CouchDB Upgrade From 0.11.0 To 1.0.1

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This post also serves as a note to self when I do another upgrade in the future. It’s still not clear to me of what’s the best practice for upgrading a CouchDB installation. From the mailing list, some people suggested backing up the config and database files, uninstalling the old version, then installing the new version. But, really, what’s involved in uninstalling a CouchDB installation? manually deleting the files from the old installation?…

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