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Running CouchDB-Lucene On Tomcat

As of the time of writing, CouchDB-Lucene (v0.6.0) distribution was bundled with Jetty WebServer and runnable from command line. But if you dive a little bit into the code, you’ll find that the run script basically executes com.github.rnewson.couchdb.lucene.Main, which in turn (1) reads the couchdb-lucene.ini config, (2) creates a Jetty Server, and (3) sets up com.github.rnewson.couchdb.lucene.LuceneServlet on the server. At work, we had to use Tomcat due to SOE reason, so I spent a bit of time trying to get CouchDB-Lucene running on Tomcat and get it deployed as a .war file.…

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