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Jenkins Build Slaves On A Budget

About half a year ago our team started working on a project with micro-service architecture, which means we had a lot of little applications to build as part of our delivery pipeline. One of the reasons why we opted to use this architecture was to gain the ability to replace a piece of component without having to rebuild the whole system, hence enabling faster feedback loop by releasing small chunks of changes in small parts of the system.…

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OSDC 2011

I went to Canberra this week to attend Open Source Developers Conference 2011 and also to give a talk titled Continuous Delivery Using Jenkins. OSDC ran for 3 days, and was held at Australian National University. OSDC 2011 was very well organised, much thanks to the organisers: Evan Leybourn, Gavin Jackson, and the volunteers squad. It was an interesting grass roots conference with lots of passionate open source geeks, definitely learned a lot.…

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