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Hudson Code Swarm Part 2

Continuing from my last Hudson Code Swarm post, this code_swarm video covers the last 7-8 months of activities in Hudson SVN repository (r14862 on 29 Jan 2009 to r21601 on 11 Sep 2009). Hudson project has been very active during that period, and this video clearly reflects that fact with the number of commiters (names) and their activities (particle movements). Hudson Code Swarm Part 2 from Cliffano Subagio on Vimeo. And in case anyone is interested, I’ve uploaded the code_swarm config file I used to generate the videos to github.…

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Hudson Code Swarm

I found a very interesting project called code_swarm, which is (as quoted from its web site) ‘an experiment in organic software visualization’. code_swarm analyses the commit activities within the project’s source repository, and generates a visual representation of those activities. Each resource commit is represented as a particle floating around the commiter’s username. So I thought it would be interesting to see how Hudson has evolved as a project, check out the embedded video below… .…

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