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Gift From

About a month ago I received an email from Andja Maric who was a global ambassador for . Andja came across Wish while googling for wishes, she explained that wannabesociety shared a similar idea of sharing your wish with the world (t-shirts in their… Read More

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Did You Make Wish #7208?

I received an email from a Wish visitor asking me “What if we could help make the wish come true? how do we contact the person?” Turned out it was related to wish #7208 “i wish adam would send me a painting.” It also turned… Read More

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Random Project Updates

Haven’t made any project related post since July last year, so here’s a list of little things I spent some time on: While playing around with Firefox Web Developer Extension, I found out that some Maven reports generated invalid HTML which could break the reports… Read More

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Der Wunsch: Offline… Leider

While working on a mini improvement request for Wish (more on that later), I found out that Der Wunsch is now ‘almost’ offline. Here’s the Babel Fish translation of the message on Der Wunsch home page: Off-line… Unfortunately The web page is unfortunately for indefinite… Read More