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Introducing Tagyu Widget

Update2: Unfortunately Tagyu service has been shutdown for now (as of 16 August 2006). Update: it is now available for download at Yahoo! Widget Gallery. I gave Yahoo! Widget a try by creating Tagyu Widget. Suggested category and tags for . Yahoo! Widget is… Read More

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Tagyu4J v0.2

Tagyu4J v0.2 is now available. This release is to maintain compatibility with Tagyu REST web services due to recent modifications on Tagyu’s interfaces. Some notable changes: there’s a new interface to get related tags, suggested tags response now provides category/classification, and the response on both… Read More

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Tagyu4J: Tagyu Java API

Tagyu4J v0.1 has been released. Tagyu provides tag suggestions for a given text or URL, and Tagyu4J is a Java API used for interacting with Tagyu REST web services interface I initially misunderstood its authentication mechanism by assuming that it prompts authentication challenges. It turned… Read More