NodeUp 53: NodeUp Listeners On NodeUp

About a month ago, I joined D-Shaw, Nizar Khalife, Erik Isaksen, and Matt Creager on NodeUp 53 where we discussed about NodeUp podcast and node.js community from NodeUp listeners point of view, and I also talked a bit about Australia, kangaroos, and node. Thanks to Rodd Vagg for pinging me about this particular episode.

Recording the show itself was an interesting experience :). For one, it started at 4am Melbourne EST. I totally missed the two alarms I set up, and was finally awaken by my mobile’s push notification alert from dshaw’s tweet telling me to accept the Skype invitation about two minutes before 4. Ran down the stairs, head spun a bit for the first hour lol.

Here’s the transcription of NodeUp 53 thanks to Noah Collins. I made a mistake where I thought I said that Flickr Photo migrated to node.js as davglass tweeted, but I actually said Facebook Photo on the show. It should be Flickr Photo. My bad, I’m sorry folks.

Update (15/03/2015):

I didn’t realise that I hadn’t published this update back then. The credits for anything related to node.js community in Melbourne should go to the great folks like Andrey Sidorov who has been organising the local node.js meetups, I am just a mere Melburnian node.js enthusiast.

Australia According To NodeUp

I’m a fan of NodeUp, a podcast of all things Node.js-related, and a great source of thoughts/opinions from the who’s who in Node.js community.

Putting the serious stuff aside, the show has a running joke where the hosts put on their best effort to prop up Bislr, one of the show’s sponsors, by saying hilarious things about Australia. And it actually worked, us Australians (at least myself and those I know) love it, and I sure won’t forget the name Bislr for at least the next couple of years.

Here are some interesting facts about Australia… (Note: some of these are actually true)

Ep 37:

  • They’ve imported a bunch of kangaroos and maybe a wallaby or two.
  • They’ve bought these special toilets so that they free bidet with your thing, for washing your backside.
  • Australian toilets are like Portuguese toilets.

Ep 36:

  • They brought kangaroos, and boomerangs.
  • They’re issuing boomerangs to all new hires.
  • They smuggled the boomerangs in the kangaroo pouches, in the kangaroos. And probably some beer.

Ep 35:

  • Great Aussies, jumpin’ around on backs of kangaroo.
  • The Australian office is great and we love talking about Australia…
  • I’m sure that they brought at least one kangaroo with them. So there’s probably a kangaroo,  just hopin’ around the office and shitin’ everywhere.
  • You can hang out with that kangaroo in San Francisco or jump around with them in the outback in Australia.

Ep 34:

  • See what it likes to hang out with kangaroos.
  • Literally, quite literally, all baristas in Europe are from Australia.
  • With a couple sneaking in from New Zealand, but I think by way of Australia.
  • If you didn’t want to hang out with kangaroos, I don’t know why…


  • They have imported their kangaroos all the way back from Australia to San Francisco.

Ep 16:

  • It is sunny as always.
  • It’s in the southern hemisphere, the water spirals in a different direction in your toilet, it spirals upwards rather than downwards.
  • It’s f***** messy, it really is, you got to bring a hose.
  • Kangaroos, best transport ever.
  • It’s warm ever.
  • Boomerang, it’s pretty much how you grab things at the bar, like beer.
  • You throw boomerang, it comes back, it brings things with it.
  • Boomerang only does one point of damage, you don’t want to use it on any kind of large enemies, plus the larger enemies have shields, so it bounces right off.

Ep 15:

  • More interesting, always sunny, always beer.
  • Fairly laid back working environment.
  • They also have marshmallows.
  • Kangaroos, 1980 fashion.
  • The kangaroos bring the marshmallows for your beer while you’re at the beach.
  • It’s a small island. Its own continent by some definition.
  • Inhabitable, spiders, and snakes. Large poisonous things.

Ep 14:

  • It’s sunny, in the 80s, and there is infinite beer.

Ep 13:

  • It’s always sunny.
  • The 1980s are still going strong after 30 odd years.
  • You can ride a kangaroo to work.

Ep 12:

  • Not Austria, that’s the one with Hitler.
  • The other one, the south one, the good one, the kangaroo.
  • Hang out at the beach, ride around in kangaroos, drink beer out of garbage cans.

Ep 11:

  • We have learned about Australia from Looney Tunes.
  • You order a fish, they put a shark on the table, and a giant bucket of beer.
  • They do have buckets of bad beer at all the bars.
  • Getting a visa to Australia is incredibly easy.

Ep 10:

  • It’s just daylight all day, all day long, and all night, and it never stops.
  • It’s really warm, and there is kangaroos.

Ep 9:

  • It’s sunny, and they play table tennis down there, and drink beer.

Ep 8:

  • M****f***** Australia, kangaroos!
  • In Australia, it’s still in the 80s. So… neon.
  • The movies are still a little more awesome.
  • Sunny, warm there, good food actually.
  • Be in Australia, it’s a positive thing.
  • You can just go to Australia, it’s populated by criminals, they have kangaroos there.
  • It has fewer criminals than the United States.
  • They are commonwealth, still technically part of the theocracy.
  • They don’t like paying taxes to a country that they have nothing to do with, they are very upset about that.
  • There, they really hate the English.
  • There is a pretty active node community down there.
  • They speak English, which is not the norm for other countries.

Ep 7:

  • It’s apparently very nice there, and usually it’s sunny, in the 80s.
  • Beer flowing and table tennis in the afternoon.
  • They are pretty cool people.
  • It’s really an awesome place, specially if you like surfing or good weather.

Ep 6:

  • Beer kinda sucks in Australia, but they have kangaroo.
  • They bring you the huge giant trash can, as seen on the commercial.
  • They don’t drink Foster’s.
  • You can’t go wrong with the kangaroo.
  • They import beer from other places too, they do have Budweiser too in Australia.

Ep 4:

  • Australia is awesome.
  • They have kangaroos there, actual kangaroos.

TODO: episode 5

NOTE: No sponsor(s) on Ep 1-3.

This post will be updated with future episodes. NodeUp hosts, please keep telling the world about how awesome Australia is! :D

Node.js Discussion On Teman Macet Podcast

Last May, I recorded a discussion in Indonesian language on Teman Macet podcast with the show’s host, Ronald Widha, and another guest who was a fellow NodeJS user,  Julius Sirait. The discussion itself was more on NodeJS introduction and sharing what we had learnt thus far. The episode, #51 nodeJS bersama Julius Sirait dan Cliffano Subagio, was available for streaming/download in July.

NodeJS is one piece of technology that I’m very excited about. For web application development, I think Node, along with its web stack, is a nice middle ground between Ruby/Rails magical ‘simplicity’ and Java/JEE layers of complexity. For network-related stuffs, (I’m quoting Sami Samhuri here) NodeJS is a swiss army knife. Oh, and have I mentioned that NodeJS is fast? like seriously da*n fast? (thanks to V8).

As a side note, Indonesia is currently undergoing a strong growth in mobile Internet penetration, and with 200+ million people in the market, the progress is very exciting to watch. Teman Macet is one of the best podcast shows, technical or not, in Indonesian language. I personally find it immensely useful at providing information about Indonesian start ups and technology practitioners.

Teman Macet Podcast

About 2 months ago, Ronald Widha invited me to become a guest on Teman Macet, a weekly tech podcast in Indonesian language, focusing on programming, software development, and the IT industry. The discussion was done via Skype since Ronald was based in Dubai, UAE, and I resided in Melbourne, Australia.

The episode, #11 kontribusi ke open source project dalam waktu luang, was uploaded earlier this week. We discussed about my experience contributing to several small open source projects and various other tech-related topics.

After listening to the episode, I figured that I didn’t answer Ronald’s questions well enough. I admit that I actually got lost when there were several questions asked in one go, my mind was digesting part of the questions and lost half of them when it was my turn to talk. Note to self: prepare a pen and a notepad.

There were a couple of things that I would like to clarify since I wasn’t very clear with my answers. First one is that I misunderstood the question about why Hudson Build Monitor was made as a Firefox Add-on have (as opposed to subscribing the build feeds directly on Firefox toolbar). My revised answer would be that it does have a benefit in domain knowledge which allows data visualisation (coloured orbs, etc) and action triggers (starting a build, clearing up stuck executors, etc) amongst other things.

The second one is on the bit where I talked about commercial products bundling open source software and using open source tools during the development process. I could’ve formed my sentences better. I just want to clarify that I wasn’t implying that commercial is the opposite of open source since there are tons of open source commercial products out there. Instead, I was referring to my experience back in year 2000 when most commercial products thought of open source as a non-option.

Thanks, Ronald, for the invitation, and all the best with Teman Macet podcast project. I believe that the show has plenty of opportunities in the Indonesian market.  To those unfamiliar with Indonesian language, ‘Teman Macet’ roughly means ‘companion during traffic jam’.

Lovin’ The Groovy

I’m a huge fan of The Java Posse, a podcast about Java related news and technologies. The show co-hosts, Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Dick Wall, and Joe Nuxoll, really have a great chemistry between them, probably the best compared to other tech podcasts I’ve ever listened to.

There’s a joke in episode #227 on how Dick ‘hates’ Groovy (of course he doesn’t) which led him to repeat the phrase “I love The Groovy, Man” several times during that episode. So, to help Dick Wall convince the world that he, in fact, loves Groovy… I fired up Photoshop and quickly whipped up this show poster idea.

Sent to the posse a month ago, they liked it (thanks a lot guys :) ) and gave me the permission to post it on my blog.

Now, there are still Tor, Joe, and Carl…

Update (16/03/2009): the above picture was mentioned on Java Posse #232 – Newscast for February 25th 2009, listen to Dick reiterating his love for The Groovy at 15:25.