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Some Projects Handover

Due to lack of coding time outside of work hours, I’ve handed some projects over to these intrepid volunteers: Repoman is now maintained by Bastian Krol SiteMonitor Plugin is now maintained by Francisco Hern├índez Su├írez Some other Jenkins plugins had organically been inherited by the community: ChuckNorris Plugin with Baptiste Mathus NodeJS Plugin with Nicolas De loof Thanks, folks! Much appreciated. And just as a reminder, all of the Jenkins plugins I created eons ago are up for adoption.…

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Teman Macet Podcast

About 2 months ago, Ronald Widha invited me to become a guest on Teman Macet, a weekly tech podcast in Indonesian language, focusing on programming, software development, and the IT industry. The discussion was done via Skype since Ronald was based in Dubai, UAE, and I resided in Melbourne, Australia. The episode, #11 kontribusi ke open source project dalam waktu luang, was uploaded earlier this week. We discussed about my experience contributing to several small open source projects and various other tech-related topics.…

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