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DataGen Workers Optimisation

I released DataGen v0.0.9 during lunch break yesterday. This version includes the support to limit how many workers can run concurrently, which is something that I’ve always wanted to add since day one. I finally got the time to do it last weekend, and it… Read More

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Jenkins Build Status On Ninja Blocks RGB LED

Nestor v0.1.2 is out and one of its new features is nestor ninja for monitoring Jenkins and displaying the latest build status on Ninja Blocks RGB LED device (if you have a block, it’s the ninja’s eyes). Here’s a usage example: export JENKINS_URL=<url> export NINJABLOCKS_TOKEN=<token_from_>… Read More

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Australia According To NodeUp

I’m a fan of NodeUp, a podcast of all things Node.js-related, and a great source of thoughts/opinions from the who’s who in Node.js community. Putting the serious stuff aside, the show has a running joke where the hosts put on their best effort to prop… Read More

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Node.js Presentations

I gave two Node.js-related talks within the past week. The first one was titled “From Java To Node.js”, at Shine Technologies‘ developers meeting on August 5th, 2011. From Java To Node.js View more presentations from Cliffano Subagio The second one was titled “JavaScript Everywhere From… Read More

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Couchtato Introduction

Last Thursday I put up a post at Shine Technologies blog titled Couchtato – A CouchDB Document Utility Tool Written In Node.js. It’s a short introduction to Couchtato, a little hobby project I worked on over several evenings and lunch breaks. Do check it out… Read More