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Random Project Updates

Haven’t made any project related post since July last year, so here’s a list of little things I spent some time on: While playing around with Firefox Web Developer Extension, I found out that some Maven reports generated invalid HTML which could break the reports… Read More

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Going Java 1.5 With Maven2-Based Project

I recently made some simple updates to Wish by using Java 1.5 generics and autoboxing/unboxing. Making Java source changes was the easy part, while the time consuming part was on hunting for information on Maven-related changes. I started by changing maven-compiler-plugin source and target in… Read More

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JSP Precompilation For Maven2 Project

You can precompile JSP as part of your Maven2 project build by using Maven2 JSPC Plugin. Follow the usage guide for copy-paste samples to add insert-fragment in web.xml file and jspc-maven-plugin + maven-war-plugin as part of build plugins in pom.xml file. Here are some problems… Read More

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My Maven2 Cheat Sheet

Here are some Maven2 command lines that I use most often: To create a new project: mvn archetype:create -DartifactId=bar To generate Eclipse project descriptor after configuring the dependencies in pom.xml: mvn eclipse:eclipse To run unit tests, obviously: mvn test Tun run a single test… Read More