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BuildMonitor v0.9.1 – Oui!

BuildMonitor v0.9.1 was released yesterday. This is the first version with French l10n bundled, thanks to Eric Lefevre who submitted the translations. I added a new ‘Build’ menu to trigger the build of a particular job. This menu item only comes up on a job… Read More

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I got this error message on Firefox Error Console after adding fr-FR locale to BuildMonitor, which caused it to fail initialising the status bar feeds. Googling gave me some clues but still nothing obvious to solve the problem. At first I thought it has something… Read More

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BuildMonitor Development Notes

Usage Scenario When I first developed BuildMonitor, I thought that the typical users would be something like a team of 5-10 developers working on a project, and they would be located in the same building. After v0.1 was released and feedback started coming in, I… Read More