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Monitor Jenkins From The Terminal

Here’s how I’ve been monitoring my Jenkins setup… A combination of Nestor + watch + Terminator » one view for monitoring failing builds, one view for executors status, and one view for job queue. A summary of Jenkins status info on a small screen estate that… Read More

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Jenkins Build Slaves On A Budget

About half a year ago our team started working on a project with micro-service architecture, which means we had a lot of little applications to build as part of our delivery pipeline. One of the reasons why we opted to use this architecture was to… Read More

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Jenkins Build Status On Ninja Blocks RGB LED

Nestor v0.1.2 is out and one of its new features is nestor ninja for monitoring Jenkins and displaying the latest build status on Ninja Blocks RGB LED device (if you have a block, it’s the ninja’s eyes). Here’s a usage example: export JENKINS_URL=<url> export NINJABLOCKS_TOKEN=<token_from_>… Read More

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OSDC 2011

I went to Canberra this week to attend Open Source Developers Conference 2011 and also to give a talk titled Continuous Delivery Using Jenkins. OSDC ran for 3 days, and was held at Australian National University. OSDC 2011 was very well organised, much thanks to… Read More