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Hudson NodeJS Plugin

If you’re a NodeJS user who happens to use Hudson as a continuous integration server, then perhaps you would be interested to check out NodeJS Plugin which I released about a month ago (yea, I’m always behind with blogging). This plugin allows you to use… Read More

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Hudson BuildMonitor v1.5.5

FIFA World Cup 2010 update: Australia was demolished by Germany 0-4. After ten months since the last public approval (v1.0.2) and four review rejections from the Mozilla editors, Hudson BuildMonitor v1.5.5 was finally approved a couple of weeks ago. This version contains a major refactoring… Read More

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Hudson Gource

Awesome visualization of Hudson codebase on SVN using Gource, a reply to Kohsuke’s tweet a few days ago. Gource is a software version control visualization tool, similar to code_swarm, but triple the coolness factor. This video somehow doubled up, I must’ve done something wrong when… Read More

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Hudson Code Swarm Part 2

Continuing from my last Hudson Code Swarm post, this code_swarm video covers the last 7-8 months of activities in Hudson SVN repository (r14862 on 29 Jan 2009 to r21601 on 11 Sep 2009). Hudson project has been very active during that period, and this video… Read More

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RFC – ChuckNorris Plugin

Update (06/10/2009): installation & usage instructions are available from ChuckNorris Plugin wiki page. Me and some colleagues were yammering some Chuck Norris Facts-like jokes a few days ago (ChuckNorrisException can never be caught, only thrown :p), and that reminded me of ChuckNorris Plugin, a simple… Read More

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BuildMonitor v1.0

It’s been a long time since the last one (v0.9.2 – November 2008), but I’ve finally managed to release Hudson Build Monitor v1.0 .  This add-on is still in the sandbox, I’ve been waiting for approval from the Mozilla editors for the last 9 months,… Read More

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Build Executor Monitoring

Here’s a sneak peek of Hudson Build Monitor‘s new feature, the ability to monitor build executors from Firefox statusbar panel. This feature was requested by Espens back in July last year. Espens was one of the earliest users who raised lots of ideas and feature… Read More

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Hudson Code Swarm

I found a very interesting project called code_swarm, which is (as quoted from its web site) ‘an experiment in organic software visualization’. code_swarm analyses the commit activities within the project’s source repository, and generates a visual representation of those activities. Each resource commit is represented… Read More