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Home Studio v0.3

This favourite corner of mine in the living room is the latest revision of my home studio. My main computer for the past couple of years has been an 11″ MacBook Air, codename: kakashi. The study desk had been disassembled and now rests in the… Read More

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Studio Sign

This sign was bolted on the front wall up to the third letter before some body corporate police appeared out of nowhere and pointed out that it’s against their rules. So we had to improvise and placed the sign above the door frame for now.… Read More

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Home Studio v0.2

I finally moved to my own place! Go me! :). It’s kind of hard to say ‘my own place’ since a 30-year home loan is somewhat like renting your soul to the devil. So anyway, after an intense month of dealing with the solicitor, the… Read More

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Creating An Eco-Friendly Office

This post is contributed by Jamie Sward (author bio provided).  I’ve always wanted to have a home studio / home office of my own someday, and I’ve always been interested to learn about anything eco-friendly, so the topics covered in this article suit my blog… Read More

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Home Studio v0.1

Some pictures of the initial version of my ‘home studio’. :) I have always wanted a home studio where I can work on my own projects and create stuffs: codes, digital graphics, hand drawings, circuit boards. I guess I’ll start with the codes and digital… Read More