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Hudson BuildMonitor v1.5.5

FIFA World Cup 2010 update: Australia was demolished by Germany 0-4. After ten months since the last public approval (v1.0.2) and four review rejections from the Mozilla editors, Hudson BuildMonitor v1.5.5 was finally approved a couple of weeks ago. This version contains a major refactoring… Read More

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BuildMonitor v1.0

It’s been a long time since the last one (v0.9.2 – November 2008), but I’ve finally managed to release Hudson Build Monitor v1.0 .  This add-on is still in the sandbox, I’ve been waiting for approval from the Mozilla editors for the last 9 months,… Read More

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I got this error message on Firefox Error Console after adding fr-FR locale to BuildMonitor, which caused it to fail initialising the status bar feeds. Googling gave me some clues but still nothing obvious to solve the problem. At first I thought it has something… Read More

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BuildMonitor v0.8

BuildMonitor v0.8 is finally here, you can download it from Firefox Add-ons page. This release has a number of nice improvements… Multiple feeds monitoring Now you can monitor multiple Hudson instances by configuring their feeds in BuildMonitor preferences. All feed status icons will be displayed… Read More

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BuildMonitor Development Notes

Usage Scenario When I first developed BuildMonitor, I thought that the typical users would be something like a team of 5-10 developers working on a project, and they would be located in the same building. After v0.1 was released and feedback started coming in, I… Read More