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Emptiness Header Images

First of all, my apology to Tony Lauria for making him wait for a long time and for not being able to upload these images earlier as promised. Life has been exceptionally busy, but I’ll save the details for another blog post. It was a… Read More

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100+ Custom Emptiness

Five months since v0.1 was released, Emptiness Theme has been downloaded 5,867 times and given 4/5 stars average rating. Not bad. Even though it’s not as popular as other themes with fancy graphic design, I think Emptiness has its own target audience with it’s simplistic… Read More

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Emptiness Theme v0.1

Introducing Emptiness Theme v0.1 . Since I started using WordPress few months ago, I’ve tried various minimalist themes available from WordPress Theme Viewer, but none of them really suits me. So, just like any designer-wannabe, I rolled out my own minimalist theme. It’s available for… Read More